Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back to school in Fak !!!

It's time for the 25 students
of the primary school of Fak
to open their notebooks.

On October 15, official date for school reopening in Niger, the school of Fak will open its doors.
Abdou Harouna, the teacher is ready and eager to start teaching again.

Thanks to the work of association Timidouwa, to the Club Humani-Terre of Collège Henry Matisse in Issy-les-Moulineaux and to the generous donors, we have been able to collect the the funds that will serve to cover the school functionning costs.

All in all, 1 800 EUR have been collected
and will be affected to the school.

Unfortunately this amount is not enough to cover the entire school year. As a matter of fact, the cost of food items has rised, as a consequence of the insecurity in the north of the country. We will the only be able to supply food for half of the year only, while we wait for new donations.

We have mandated Aghali Sidi Mohamed, a Tagaste worker, to go to Abalak where he will buy the food supplies and then convey them to Fak. During his mission he will inspect the school infrastructures and hold meetings with the students' parents and the school management comitee.

Order of the day: the formation of a school herd (each parent has been asked to bring a goat as a matriculation fee)

Thank you for your support....

More info on the situation of school of Fak as soon as Aghali comes back from his mission.

Make a donation
to support the school of Fak:

through the Sunflower Children non-profit foundation

or by contacting Association Timidouwa:


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