Saturday, September 22, 2007

With the WATA, drinkable water the nomadic population of Tamaya

The Belgian Technical Cooperation in Niger will be funding NGO Tagaste so that the organization can realize its WATA project. The project consists in putting in place a water disinfection system in the rural locality of Tamaya.

The project was initiated in collaboration with Antenna Technologies, a franco swiss organization, that invented and distributes the system.

The WATA is a device that produces active chloride using only salted water, thanks to the electrolyse phenomenon. It is very easy to use, resistant and durable. Active chloride is a component that destroys or disables pathogene micro-organisms.

In 1 hour, the WATA can produce 1 liter of active chloride.

With 1 liter of active chloride, after dilution, one can obtain 4 000 liters of drinkable water.

The project will make drinkable water affordable for everyone, because the liter of chloride will be sold at 100 FCFA (about 20 cents).

The community radio of Tamaya, already equipped with solar panels, has been chosen to produce and commercialise the active chloride.

The project will start in May 2008, just before the rainy season and the transhumance, so that the populations will have an affordable solution to make drinkable water (in that season people usually drink water from the ponds formed by the rains).

To learn more about the project, write us at or visit Antenna Technologies website


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