Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tamaya reacts to the danger of plastic refuse

The community and in particular the women of Tamaya reacted positively to the radio broadcast about the plastic refuses.
A few weeks ago, when Youssouf was visiting the village, several groups pf people came to him with questions about the dangers of plastic refuse.

Our first radio program about environmental concerns, broadcasted on the community radio’s waves since October, has thus been a success.

As a matter of fact, after several weeks of broadcasting, a debate has born among the Tamaya community and the population has raised many questions about the management of plastic refuse.

As an answer, Youssouf has recorded a second radio program, in order to clarify the issues raised by the population.

We are currently looking for partners to help us in our mission of conscientization, prevention and management of plastic refuse and garbage.
We are planning to organize cleaning teams in the village, to install waste containers in the streets and manage the garbage adequately.

A big village debate about waste management will be organized soon.

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