Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tamaya is mobilizing against plastic waste

NGO Tagaste is starting a media campaign against the plastic refuse that is plaguing the village of Tamaya.

The first stage of the campaign will be a series of radio programs aiming at heightening the villagers’ awareness of the dangers of plastic waste for the environment, the animals and the population.

The radio programs, designed and produced by Youssouf from NGO Tagaste, will air on the Tamaya community radio airwaves and reach people in a radius of 30 km around the village.

The first radio program will be recorded next week in the facilities of the Tamaya community radio and will air immediately.

Youssouf and Ingrid have already started the campaign with a test on the children of Youssouf’s nomadic camp. Through play activities they have taught the children to pick up the plastic waste left behind by the camp. The test has proven to be positive: the children are now picking up plastic everyday and bring it, first thing in the morning, to Ingrid.

The second stage of the campaign will be to put in place a cleaning team that will pick up, store and properly dispose of the plastic waste.

NGO Tagaste is looking for partners in order to execute the second stage of the plastic waste project.

Coming soon…
Stay tuned for some great video of the children of the camp cleaning up plastic waste
and… the recording of the first radio program of the plastic refuse campaign

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