Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunflower Children and NGO Tagaste, working together to develop the Fak community

Sunflower Children, a non-profit foundation headed by Czech fashion model Helena Houdova and based in New York City, is partnering with NGO Tagaste in order to raise funds to develop the community of Fak, a community of nomadic stockbreeders in the Northeast of Niger.

Sunflower Children is providing their non-profit status and their online donation tool to help raise funds in order to reopen the school of Fak, rehabilitate the well and create a cereal bank for the community.

Sunflower believes that education is the key to a better life for disadvantaged children. Accordingly, Sunflower focuses on providing vital support - including healthcare, nutritional and other basic needs - that enable children in Sunflower Project communities to pursue educational growth.

To learn more about the Fak project, and if you wish to make a donation, please visit the Sunflower website:

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