Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Help us to reopen Fak's school

In 2005 the nomadic school of Fak closed its doors

...because there is no more food supply for the canteen.

25 children, age 7 to 10, are deprived of education.

Niger has an illiteracy rate of 84% and a low schooling rate (globally 35% but only 12% of girls).

The region of Abalak, located in the pastoral zone in the northeast of Niger, has one of the highest illiteracy rate of the country.

In fact, for an area of 20 000 km2 and 100 000 inhabitants, the region counts only 98 primary schools.

Most of the population of the area are nomadic cattle breeders, who live far from urban centers, and consequently far from schools.

In the bush, the only opportunity of education for the children of the cattle breeders are the "nomadic schools".

The budget of a nomadic school is 1 759 500 CFA,

equaling $3 200 for the entire school year...

NGO Tagaste has set the goal to reopen the canteen, in order to reopen the school at Fak and give back their chance to 25 children.

If you wish to help, contact us at:

Tel: 00-227-96-57-90-73 / 00-227-94-24-32-90

10 EUR = 20 kg of pasta

25 EUR = 100 kg of millet

35 EUR = 48 l of powdered milk

45 EUR = 2 sheep

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison"

Victor Hugo

To receive the complete project proposal, write to:

Download the brochure (PDF format)

Help us to reopen Fak's school

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