Tuesday, April 11, 2006

NGO TAGASTE - Who are we?

NGO TAGASTE is a Nigerien non-profit organization,working in the field of grassroots development.

The NGO's goal is to contribute to the economical, social and cultural development of Niger, focusing especially on the Azawak region.

The Azawak is a sub-sahelian region with a semi arid climate, located between the Aïr moutains and the agricultural zones in the South of the country.
It extends from the North-West of Niger to the North of Mali.
In Niger, the azawak covers the counties of Tchin-Tabaraden, Abalak and In-Gall.

The region is inhabited mostly by nomadic Tuaregs and Fulanis who practice essentially susbsistance stockbreeding.

Since 1974, cyclical droughts are plaguing the region, weakening the situation of the stockbreeders.
Access to water, the rarity of cereals and the degradation of the environment are the principal preoccupations of the population.

The NGO's activities are essentially oriented towards:

1. the promotion of the agro-pastoral sector,
2. the development of the educational sector in the nomadic zone,
3. the creation of revenue-generating activities for women's groups,
4. the creation and rehabilitation of wells.


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